Gratae posteritati

The collector’s edition of the book Gratae posteritati was published in 100 copies by the Ivan Potrč Library, Ptuj, and the Umetniški kabinet Primož Premzl publisher in 2014.

Gratae posteritati (To my loving descendants) from 1560 is one of the 7 autobiographic works by the prominent diplomat Sigismund von Herberstein. The book features manually colored prints with images of the nine rulers of the time, the Herberstein coat of arms, and six full-body portraits of Sigismund von Herberstein.

The Ptuj copy of Gratae posteritati, which was used in the making of the facsimile, is one of the few preserved colored copies in the world, and has special value, coming from the Herberstein family’s library. The facsimile is accompanied by a comprehensive study edition that comprises a Slovenian translation (first ever), and papers by several authors, which bring new insights into the origins and content of this work.

You can find more information in the promotional brochure.

Content of the set:

  • A facsimile of Gratae posteritati; 120 pages; 18.7 x 29 cm; a manually numbered copy
  • A study edition of Gratae posteritati; VII, 278 pages; 18.7 x 29 cm
  • Certificate of ownership
  • A handmade box, covered with blue linen

Collector’s edition printed in 100 copies: ISBN 978-961-93727-0-8 (set)