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Joining and borrowing

Joining the library

Everyone can join our library by filling out the application form, and by undertaking to use the library services in compliance with the library’s Rules with their signature.

You must present a personal identification document with a photo when joining. Pre-school and primary school children must have their application forms signed by their parents or legal guardians.

Library membership is also available to legal entities. Their application form must be signed and stamped by an authorized person, thus undertaking to comply with the library’s Rules

Upon joining, members must pay the annual membership fee, and they receive their library card.

Application form for individuals.
Application form for legal entities.


Our members can borrow from our collections at all library departments within the library opening hours.

You can borrow items marked as available for borrowing in the COBISS online catalog. You can borrow up to 15 books and 3 other articles at once. You can check your borrowed items at any time on the My library online portal.

Loan periods:

books, periodicals,
audio cassettes, floppy disks,
computer CDs and DVDs,
music sheets, maps, other items
video cassettes,
music CDs,
video DVDs
loan period 21 days 7 days
renewal period 21 days 7 days


Inter-library loans

Inter-library loans are a service provided by libraries included in the COBISS system with the purpose of providing their members with materials that they do not keep, but are available from other participating libraries.

If we do not have the item you need, we can supply it from another library through an inter-library loan.