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Kamra is a regional online portal providing access to digitalized locally-relevant materials documenting Slovenian cultural heritage, which are kept by libraries, museums, archives and other educational and cultural institutions.

Kamra contains content typical for regions and relevant for local communities: presentations of local authors and noteworthy individuals, societies and institutions, local cultural heritage, natural, cultural and tourist sites and famous buildings, postcards from different periods, etc. Topics are presented as stories (digital collections), comprising a text and associated digitalized materials (photos, music, audio and audio-video recordings, etc.), the original copies of which are kept by libraries, museums, archives, societies, schools, and other local organizations.

Kamra also includes the user generated Album of Slovenia. Its purpose is to collect digital copies of photos, letters, documents and other items, created in the 20th century and kept in people’s private collections. Moments from people’s everyday lives, and people’s testimonies and memories are an important source of historical information on the lives of people in Slovenia and Slovenians living abroad.